Friday, August 20, 2004


Well it has been a long week and finally I have the chance to post again.

The Swift Boat Vets are finally starting to get some notice in the mainstream press. At this stage of the game they really had no choice. The story kept on growing despite their attempt to ignore it.

Now that they are talking about it, are they analyzing what the charges are? Of course not. The mainstream press seems to be only interested in finding way to discredit the Swift Boat Vets. Captains Quarters has a nice piece on this here:

Contrast their attitudes towards the Swift Boat Vets vs how they played up Bush AWOL from the National Guard. If this isn't one of the best examples of bias in the media, I don't know what is!

527's have been very prominent over the past year. Currently the biggest and/or most well known tend to be anti-Bush. What has the press said about 527's and their influence or potential influence? Nada, zip, zilch. I find it now amusing that as much of the mainstream press takes notice of the Swift Boat Vets, they are concerned that they are a 527 and should anything be done.

They seem surprised that Republicans support this group and that somehow this automatically makes any charges suspect. I only wish they exhibited this type of concern when they talk about, ACT or any of the many other leftward leaning 527's.

All we want is consistency on the part of the press!

Remember Bush and the AWOL charges? Who were some of the people pushing this? Terry McAulife for one, and many others in the Democratic Party. Yet despite the fact that these people obviously have a political agenda, the press took the bait and ran with the story. They did not seem to concerned about any agenda these people may have had.

Now the Swift Boat Vets come along. Since one of the supporters is Texan and a Bush supporter, according the mainstream press, the charges are suspect.

Why is there a different standard applied to these two groups by the mainstream press?

We are waiting...


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