Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Problem With The Democrats

Watching the Democrats over the past few years I have come to the conclusion that they have lost it. Their party does not seem to be one of ideas and dialogue, but rather one of conspiracy theories, name calling, or just complaining.

How many in the Democratic Party can embrace the likes of Michael Moore and the Rev. Sharpton is beyond me? In years past nobody like Moore or Sharpton would be tolerated in either party. Yet today Moore is considered somewhat of a hero among the Democratic faithful, and was even given the "honor" of sitting with former Pres. Carter at the Democratic Convention. Shockingly Sharpton was allowed to give one of the keynote speeches at the convention. While I admit he is entertaining, there can be no doubt that his past activities in New York City are troubling.

Moore was given this place of honor for his movie Fahrenheit 911 which the Democrats call an important documentary, but what should really be considered a piece of fiction at best, or at its worst what Kerry would call "a smear". How people can go to a movie like that and take what is presented as fact is disappointing at best. Does the Left dislike Bush so much that they can take the "facts" presented in this movie at face value? I recommend going to this site to see how much of what Moore presents in his film is incorrect. If the Democrats or anyone else disagrees with Bush, lets have a discussion of ideas and values not the name calling or innuendo so typical of the likes of Moore.

As former New York City Mayor Ed Koch said:

"Moore's propaganda film cheapens debate, polorizes the nation" World Tribune, June 28, 04

Today I was watching a Fox News show that had one Republican backer (I do not remember his name) and Susan Estrich. While I typically disagree with Susan politically I find many of her positions to be well reasoned. Today unfortunately they were not. The topic was 527's and what if anything should be done about them. The discussion started with an overview how Kerry called on Bush to disavow the Swift Boat Vets, and how instead Bush called on all 527's to stop their activities. Susan went on to point out how attorney Benjamin Ginsberg worked both for Bush and for the Swift Boat Vets and as such it proves that Bush is behind the ads. Furthermore since the ads were a "smear", Bush should focus on that 527 only and not worry about the rest.

Now this is the typical argument I have heard from the Democrats lately, so Susan's argument wasn't that different. What bothered me however is when it was pointed out that there are attorneys working for both and the Kerry campaign Susan said there was a difference.

What was that difference? Well according to Susan the Swift Vets are using smear tactics and ads are truthful. Even though I should be used to this, I was stunned! While many of the ads and activities are over policy differences they have been fast and loose with the truth in many instances.

Here are a few items pulled today from with some comments.
We now know Rumsfeld personally approved a policy that "encouraged physical coercion and sexual humiliation of Iraqi prisoners," violating their fundamental human rights under the Geneva convention.
Must I point out that the latest report on the abuses clearly show this is not the case?
But the facts need no clarification. Despite repeated warnings from the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency, President Bush and his administration hyped and distorted the threat that Iraq posed. And now that reality is setting in, the President wants to pin the blame on someone else. We can't let him.
Both the 9/11 Commission and the Senate Report (both bi-partisan) state that Bush acted on faulty intelligence. Neither report blamed bush for hyping or distorting the report.

The above examples are just from the front page of Clearly based on the reports that are now out these statements are false. So how someone like Susan can out of hand claim that the Swift Boat ads are a smear but is providing good once again beyond me.

The problem with the Democrats today are beliefs and statements such as this. Each passing month the rhetoric only gets worse. A change is in order to bring this party back into the mainstream of American values. I would welcome the chance to have an actual debate with a Democrat again as opposed to listening to what Michael Moore has said, that Bush is a fascist, that the war in Iraq was for oil, or that Bush lied.

Come on Democrats! Lets start having a real debate again over ideas and is much more interesting and much less divisive on the nation as a whole. Name calling, innuendo and conspiracy theories only cheapens the debate and in the long run hurt OUR country.

We are waiting...


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