Saturday, June 30, 2007

AP Bias Again

Many complain about the rather obvious bias in the MSM. Of those organizations the AP has to be one of the worst.

Check out this AP story printed in the Washington Post. Here is the lead sentence. Notice anything?

When President Bush's "grand bargain" on immigration fell apart, Jeff Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama who is named after a pair of famous Confederates, was very proud.

Full Article Here

That is a straight down the middle news article? That my friends is bias. Apparently the only people against the immigration bill are racists from the Republican least that is what is implied by that lead sentence.

Despite what you typically have read in the MSM a majority of people in the US were against this immigration bill.

A lead sentence like that has no business in a "news" story. If it was an opinion piece that is fine.

This is just bias showing its not so subtle head again.


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