Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geert Wilders' Film

Many consider this film to be anti Muslim and did not want it shown.

I don't consider it anti Muslim. Unfortunately it does show what many in the Muslim world are exposed to...and of course out of those exposed...some act upon what is said.

I think our press does a bad job in showing us what is said in many of these places. Many people have no clue that this stuff is said in front of mass audiences.

UPDATE: As of March 28 Live Leak has removed the video. If you click on the video link you will now see their reasons. Simply put they were threatened with violence.

Ironic isn't? Many people thought/think this film is controversial because it puts Islam in a bad light and shows that it has a violent strain to it.

So what happens?

Many Muslims where outraged and threatened violence. Isn't that what the film was pointing out...the violent nature of certain elements of Islam?

At some point and time people have to stop apologizing for this behavior and say enough is enough. We should not be intimidated into restraining our free speech.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Live Leak has now put the video back up. Good for them.


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