Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Global Warming Authoritarianism

You are going to see more and more of this crap in the future. If you let them tell you what you can and cannot drive, it is not a stretch to imagine more restrictions in the future. How big your house can be, the type of appliances you can purchase, etc, etc.

Do we really want this to happen?

Fast, powerful cars within a few years may be outlawed in Europe, an idea that has been raised ostensibly because Ferraris and Porsches produce too much carbon dioxide.

Who are these people anyway who decide on behalf of everyone what car is proper to drive?

In Europe, it's the ministers and parliamentarians of the European Union, which wants to limit how much CO2 cars can emit as a proxy for a fuel- consumption standard.

Chris Davies, a British member of the European Parliament, is proposing one of the most-extreme measures -- a prohibition on any car that goes faster than 162 kilometers (101 miles) an hour, a speed that everything from the humble Honda Civic on up can exceed. He ridiculed fast cars as ``boys' toys.''

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The science behind global warming is not settled. Sure the planet is getting warmer, but it has been colder and warmer at different periods of this planets history.

We also don't know that a warmer planet is a bad thing.

Do you ever wonder why that the only scenarios you hear about a warmer planet are bad? Things would change that is for sure. But how do we know that a warmer planet is a bad one?

We don't.


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