Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Unkown Face Of Terrorism

In the speeches of Zell Miller and Dick Cheney last night there was an emphasis on the defense of the US and what we needed to do as a country to confront this global menace. Immediately the media pundits and Democrats denounced both speeches. Miller's as too harsh and Cheney's as out of touch with the mainstream.

This attitude I believe shows a lack of vision or just a plain desire on the part of these groups that this topic will just go away. Elect Kerry and the world will respect us and we will prosecute a more "sensitive" war on terror.


The problem will not go away if we defer or consult with France or Germany. Quite the contrary, the US and our allies need to confront terrorism head on. The cost of winning will be high, but the cost of appeasement is sure to be higher.

Why is it that the Democrats do not seem to place a high priority on terrorism? In part I believe that a focus on terrorism restricts the ability to expand their "government is a solution for everything" agenda. There is definitely a strong contingency within the Democrats that believe this.

What about the others?

Since 9/11 we have talked about terrorism and the terrible toll it takes on human lives. However in our world today everything is a sound-bite or quick image on the screen. We have seen very little of the human cost of terrorism on television. The networks and cable news shows seem very reluctant to show any of the horrifying images of terrorism at work.

Is this a concerted effort on the part of media? I don't' believe there is any conspiracy, however showing the true cost of terrorism does not seem to fit their agenda.

Why don't' we see images of the planes crashing into the WTC? Are they too shocking for the public at large? Doubtful. I am sure most of us can handle the images. Do they bring back memories? Absolutely! Do the put into perspective the reason why we fight terrorism? Absolutely!

While I do not want to be inundated with the images, it is important to remind the public at large what terrorists have done in the past and what they could do in the future.

In Iraq we hear about hostages being taken and their subsequent executions. While I am not advocating putting up the films of their executions on television, I think that the media should show selected still images.

Just a few days ago a group of Nepalese workers were brutally executed. The film is graphic beyond belief. One man has his throat slit by a man with a knife while another holds the victim. The camera focuses on the act and then lingers as you can hear the mans tortured last breaths.

Absolutely horrifying. Words cannot describe the depraved cruelty of the executioners.

Then the film goes on to show men lying on their stomachs as a man comes by with an AK-47 and shots them one by one in the head.

I have seen many of the other executions in film, and I think this one has to be the worst.

I believe many against our war on terrorism do not really see the true evil nature of who we are fighting and why we are fighting them. Our press should show these images to the public at large. It will not convince everyone that is certain.

However I feel there are many in the Democratic party that if they were aware of the brutality of the terrorists would support a more robust action against these groups.

People need to see who we are fighting, what these groups are capable of doing, to put into perspective the actions of the US and our allies over the past few years.

This perspective should then help to clarify the important issues of this election and why it is so important to tackle the threat of terrorism head on.

In my opinion only one candidate has expressed a strong willingness to continue this fight, and that man is George W Bush.


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