Monday, March 07, 2005

What Is A Terrorist?

That is the question today.

Apparently if you are part of Hezbollah or Hamas you are least according to the Germans. They only bomb busses, restaurants, etc. in an effort to specifically target civilians. The Germans however prefer not to call these groups terrorists.

On the other hand...some Neo Nazis in Germany targeted immigrant businesses and caused damages to the buildings, etc. In these attacks nobody was injured.

Today a German court has declared this particular group to be a terrorist organization.

I for one would like to know the reasoning why or how they can claim one group is a terrorist organization while the other is not. Might it have something to do with the fact that one group caused damages within the country (Germany) and the other did not?

In the case of Israel, the Germans and many other Euros think that there should be dialogue or that by calling a group "terrorist" does nothing to help the problem. In Germany however...there is a different standard.

Might this be one of the reasons why we (the US) have a problem with our Euro friends?

A sane person would want to crack down hard on both groups.