Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are the problems I have.

Over the life of our planet we know the following:

- The planet has been much hotter vs today and the planet has been much colder vs today.
- As such we know that it is normal for the planet to vary in temperature
- We also know that during periods when it was much warmer and much cooler those periods were not associated with mass extinctions, etc. The planet did just fine.

So we are left with the following questions.

If it is normal that the planet changes temperatures, why are we concerned now that it is changing again?

If in the past these changes did not bring about catastrophe, why do we think that a change in temperature this time will?

If the planet is known to vary in temperature why do we think that this time it is NOT NORMAL but man made?

Since the normal state of the Earth is to change is it that we are 100% certain that this time it is different...IE not normal but man made?

And getting to the CRU if it is man made this time...and as a whole our governments are attempting to make massive changes...then the following is necessary.

- All raw data purporting to show man made warming must be available for scrutiny.
- All models used to show man made warming or make future predictions about the state of the planet in the future must be open to all scientists for verification.
- Science requires testing and validation. It seems that the process currently has not been open.

If the science is settled then I would imagine that those who believe so and have done the research would LOVE to show the full foundations of their work.

Yet over the years they have seem reluctant to do so.


If they are correct then their data will show it.

If they are unwilling to, then that would be a cause for concern.