Thursday, October 06, 2005

The EU / UN Internet Takeover?

Follow the link to read about attempts by the EU / UN to take control of the internet. As has been known for some time, many countries do not like the idea of the US maintaining control of the internet.

Under the US system the internet has been pretty wide open.

Anyone concerned that some of the biggest advocates of change are from countries like China, Cuba, Iran, etc? They would like to get a piece of the action.

What changes could they possibly want to see implemented? Hmmm...???

Let us see...we have a system that is wide open...but now we have countries interested in taking some portion of control who are well known in their attempts to stifle aspects of the internet.

I cannot see how that is in any way positive.

A question to be asked of those advocating change is....

If the US has a system that is wide open to anyone...what do they want fixed...and what changes do they advocate? It would seem to me more control...which means less freedom for the individuals utilizing the internet.

Do we really want China and other totalitarian regimes determining the structure of the internet?

Think about it.


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