Friday, September 10, 2004

CBS Explanation...Rather Lacking In Substance

So Dan Rather came out to defend CBS and the veracity of the documents. Many others have done a detailed analysis of his defense and how weak it really is. Check out Instapundit, Powerline, Hugh Hewitt to get a taste of what is wrong with the Dan Rather story and those documents.

To sum it up: The points brought up by Dan appear to have been thoroughly refuted.

The expert used by CBS is a specialist in handwriting NOT typed or computer generated documents. One of the officials at the TANG used by CBS now says that CBS told him the memos were handwritten. He feels misled and now has stated that in his opinion the memos are fraudulent. Another witness used by CBS is an anti-Bush author.

What does this all add up to? Shoddy work at the least by CBS...or an intentional smear job at the worst.

As I have stated before it is no wonder people are turning away from the mainstream media. They have a credibility problem and the fiasco at CBS just makes it worse.

Remember my post from a day or so ago about the editorialist upset about the internet and the bloggers? Well I am now even more convinced that the internet can and does provide a useful check against the mainstream media.

Think about this...without the internet and the bloggers, do you think CBS would be having the problems they currently have? Definitely not. Instead they would be beating Bush over the head with these "new documents" demanding an explanation.

The mainstream press needs to get their act together.

We are waiting...


Blogger Pat in NC said...

It will probably be a long wait. Journalism seems to have lost their investigative instincts and instead rely on the same news feeds. Thank God for the bloggers with their wide array of talents and their persistence in ferreting out the facts.

9:06 AM  

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