Monday, September 06, 2004

9/11 Commission Revisited

It goes without saying that both parties play politics. I do however wish an honest debate on the merits of the proposals put forth by the 9/11 Commission would take place. I think our politicians owe us a duty to act with care and to put the interests of the country ahead of the interests of a particular political party.

This however does not appear to be the case:
From the IHT: Stage set for showdown as U.S. Congress returns

Democrats say they will pressure Republicans to fully embrace all 41 recommendations of the Sept. 11 commission, or face the political consequences
Isn't our national security too important to be playing this kind of politics with?

Just because the commission made some proposals does not mean that all of them should be enacted. If we had a responsible press they would make sure that a dialogue took place and that a careful examination of each proposal took place prior to it being enacted.

My feeling however is that if the Republicans balk at any proposal, the Dems will say they are irresponsible, and the press will play along without really looking to see if either sides position has merit. Dissappointing....

We need to demand accountability on the part of our parties. Theoretically the press would help in this accountability process. However if as I suspect, the press will play along with the Dems on this one, and it will be just another reason why they continue to lose credibility. Let us see how the press handles this one.

We are waiting...


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