Thursday, September 02, 2004

The 9/11 Commission

I have a few comments about the 9/11 commission and the recommendations that followed.

1) Bush has indicated that he will institute many of the recommendations.
2) Kerry has indicated that he is ready to institute all the measures and criticizes Bush for not doing the same.

While it may be that the commission did a good job in terms of recommendations....shouldn't there be a discussion about what may or may not be good recommendations?

After all these recommendations propose to fundamentally change the structure of how intelligence is processed.

Right now it looks like both parties want to "look" like they are doing something and as such it is politically difficult to question any of the recommendations.

This topic is too important. There must be a national discussion regarding the merits of the proposals. If some are good institute them, if some don't work eliminate them, if some are decent improve on them.

If we are going to make fundamental changes to our intelligence structure lets make damn sure it gets done right!


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