Sunday, September 05, 2004

There Will Be No Bounce After The Convention

Ah the talking heads on TV. After Kerry got no bounce at all, the conventional wisdom was that the country was too evenly divided for either candidate to get a bounce.

Well that analysis was way off. Oh well, they will move on to another topic and not even admit another mistake.

Newsweek Poll: Bush 54 Kerry 43
Time: Bush 52 Kerry 41

As the others come out, it will be interesting to see the results.

And a humorous item from the Kerry Spot on NRO

DOH! [09/04 01:38 PM]

From the Washington Times:

Tad Devine, Sen. John Kerry’s senior advisor, told the Washington Times that he does not think that the Swift Boat veterans’ ads, which attacked Kerry's Vietnam War record, have hurt the campaign.

“Fundamentally, I don’t think they reshaped the race at all,” Devine said. “If they did, the president would be 10 points ahead, not in a dead-heat horse race.”

Well take a look at the polls above.

Anyway for those of you that do not read NRO and its Kerry Spot, I highly recommned that you do.


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