Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Pre-Emptive Strikes

Now that Russia also believes it has the right to strike pre-emptively, I wonder what Kerry's response will be?

Russia has claimed this right in the past and today that was reaffirmed by Col.-Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky. Link to the full story is here
Col.-Gen. Yuri Baluyevsky, chief of the general staff of Russia's armed forces, asserted Russia's right to strike terrorists beyond its borders.

"As for carrying out preventive strikes against terrorist bases ... we will take all measures to liquidate terrorist bases in any region of the world," he told reporters.

Anyway it is surprising to me that many on the Left are so strongly against a pre-emptive strike. Essentially they are advocating that we should get hit first and THEN respond. Pardon me, but I would much prefer attacking our enemies before they attack us. Seems like common sense don't you think?

Well you know the Left here doesn't like it. What about the Europeans to whom Kerry would like to defer to. Here is the quote from the same linked story by an EU official:
Udwin said the 25-nation EU is against "extra-judicial killings" in form of pre-emptive strikes.
The world has just witnessed a brutal attack on a school where hundreds of children were massacred...and yet the EU is against a pre-emptive strike to eliminate terrorists who commit such acts?


Do we really want to defer to the French and Germans as it is so plainly obvious the Kerry does?

I do not, and I believe the come November the majority of Americans will feel the same way and will vote accordingly.


Blogger Ellbur said...

What it really comes down to is that you cannot stop terrorism through war. It must be stopped through more effective means. For instance, blocking funding form terrorists, catching key leaders in organizations, building security systems, etc.

3:43 PM  

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