Monday, June 25, 2007

Creeping Death

The menace of the nanny state continues to grow. First it was smoking, recently they have been setting their sights on food, and now...pets.

California Democrats want to pass a law requiring pets to be spayed or neutered by 4 months of age.

Where the hell do these guys get the idea that they can tell you or I how to take care of our own pets?

Each time a law like this passes, or is proposed the argument is that it is for the common good. When laws such as these are passed we loose a little bit of our freedom.

Individually each law makes little impact on our lives. Over time all these laws in their totality greatly infringes upon our rights and freedoms.

Is this what we want?

What ever happened to the notion of individual responsibility?

Do we want the government to increasingly tell us how to live our lives?

I don't.


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